A bodysuit is a true classic among underwear. A smooth garment with a smoothing effect where there isn't the same visible transition in the back as with a bra. With a bodysuit closest to the body, your clothes fit better on top. Our bodysuits are available with or without shaping effects and open smoothly at the crotch. Many have a forward-moved crotch opening to make them even easier to close.

Our bodysuits, also called bodies, are made of comfortable and luxurious materials that feel good when worn on the body. Since a bodysuit sits closest to the body, it needs to both breathe and be comfortable. But that doesn't exclude beautiful details like lace or embroidered details.

We have a range available in several different colors, so you can find a bodysuit for every occasion. Whether you're wearing it under a white shirt at work or under a tight dress when you're going on a dinner date.

Bodysuit with or without underwire?

The choice between a bodysuit with or without underwire depends on individual preferences and needs. A bodysuit with underwire can offer extra support and lift to the breasts, which can be advantageous for women with larger busts or for those who want extra support. The underwire helps to shape and define the breasts, which can give a more streamlined silhouette and a lifting effect. For some, an underwire can also provide a feeling of security and comfort by keeping the breasts in place during activities and providing a more even distribution of weight.

On the other hand, a bodysuit without underwire provides a more natural feel and can be more comfortable for those who don't like the feeling of underwire against the skin. Without underwire, a bodysuit can be more flexible and adaptable to different body shapes and movements, which can make it more comfortable for daily wear or activities. For some people, underwire can be uncomfortable or create pressure points, so a bodysuit without underwire can reduce the risk of discomfort during long days.

Which bodysuit will you choose?'

So the choice between a bodysuit with or without underwire, with or without lace and color, is simply a personal preference and depends on individual needs and desires. It's important to try different options to see what works best for your body type and your style.

If you have any questions about which size to choose, we are here for you. Our customer service is happy to help you find the right model and size for you.