Find the perfect tankini with us for all lazy summer beach days. According to us, tankinis offer the best of both worlds: the coverage of a swimsuit combined with the functionality of a bikini. It provides more coverage when walking around the beach and can easily be folded up when lounging in a chair and wanting extra sun. You can easily match it with your favorite bikini bottoms and pair it with other beachwear and accessories.

Tankinis have become increasingly popular swimwear, and we truly understand why. The two-piece swimsuit usually consists of a top and bottom where the top may have built-in padding or underwire. The two-piece solution allows you to easily choose whether you want to roll up the top to sunbathe your stomach or keep it down to hide your stomach when sitting and reading in the sun lounger or going for a walk along the water's edge. Our range also includes tankinis where the bottom is a skirt for a nice fit and if you wish to cover more of the bottom than what a bikini bottom does.

Tankini with or without underwire?

The choice between a tankini with or without underwire depends on personal preferences and needs. Here are some considerations for both options:

Tankini with underwire:
A tankini with underwire can provide extra support and lift for the breasts, which can be advantageous for women with larger breasts or for those who want extra support. The underwire also helps to shape the breasts and provide a smoother silhouette, which can be advantageous for a more defined look. For some women, an underwire can provide a sense of security and comfort by keeping the breasts in place during activities such as swimming or beach activities.

Tankini without underwire:
A tankini without underwire provides a more natural feel and freedom of movement, which can be more comfortable for some people who do not like the feeling of underwire. Since without underwire, the tankini can be more flexible and adaptable to different body shapes and movements, making it ideal for activities such as beach volleyball or beach walks. For some people, an underwire can be uncomfortable or create pressure points, so a tankini without underwire can reduce the risk of discomfort over long periods.

The choice between a tankini with or without underwire is based on personal preference and depends on individual needs and preferences. The important thing is to try different options to see what suits best for your body type and personal style.

Tankini Larger Sizes

Tankini is the perfect choice for those who prefer more coverage than what a bikini offers but want to avoid a full swimsuit. It usually covers the stomach and provides a comfortable and confidence-inspiring fit. For women with larger busts, a tankini with underwire or built-in bra can provide extra support and comfort compared to a regular bikini.

We have a wide range of sizes ranging from sizes 38 - 60 and cup sizes B-G. If you are unsure about which size to buy, you can check out our size guide or contact our customer service for personal tips and advice.